Things to ask your contractor before hiring them

When searching for a construction company in London, you may just go with whoever appears at the top of Google or on recommendations from people you trust. However you make your decision, when choosing building contractors in London you should always ask a few key questions. We’ll help you avoid common missteps and properly vet your tradespeople in this quick read.

Top questions to ask a contractor

  1. How much industry experience do you have? You’ll want to know anyone handling your project has a good pedigree. Choose a trusted partner like Optimal Development.
  2. Can we see your accreditations? You want a London construction company with credentials that operates under an accepted code of conduct.
  3. Can we talk to your old customers? If they’re not willing to put you in touch with any clients, they might be cowboys.
  4. What general and site-specific health and safety regulations do you apply? You want to make sure your job site is safe, clean and legal.
  5. Are all your tradespeople insured? You don’t want any liability falling on your shoulders.
  6. What industry organisations are you a part of? This is more for general interest in the contractor’s specialities.
  7. Are you taking responsibility for project oversight? You will want a London construction company that can project manage the whole build-end to end.
  8. What is the timeline for this project? They should provide a detailed Gantt Chart showing all the timescales and interdependencies.
  9. Are there any materials you don’t work with? It’s good to know if your contractor has any issues with your materials.
  10. Do you give estimates? Never write a blank cheque. Know what the cost of every job is expected to be before paying anything.
  11. Do you take a bank transfer? Never, ever pay cash. It’s a favourite of cowboy builders.
  12. Do you manufacture anything in-house? You may be able to save on costs with internal fabrication.
  13. What warranties or guarantees do you offer on your work? Most builds have a 2-year defect cover.
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